What is visual content design?

Visual marketing and design go hand in hand.

In other words, everything we do in order to keep our audience interested, engaged and content through the interface we welcome them with.

This interface may be the design of a website, the design of a mobile app or even the design of a software program.

Other marketers, on the other hand, define the concept of visual content design as the sum of all visuals published on a website or social media platforms.

In this case, visual content design encompasses all visual elements that are close to the brand and that are being published on blogs, social media, websites, as infographics etc.

The main purpose is to drive results such as traffic, awareness, conversions.

Thirdly, we can say that visual content design is related to content marketing. Specifically, it refers to the design part of the content marketing strategy, especially the creative aspect of it.

Visual content design can encompass the following types of design:

  • The website interface
  • A software’s or an app’s graphical user interface
  • All social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Visual elements of a landing page
  • Visual elements of an article or a blog post or newsletter
  • Brochures, eMagazines, flyers etc.

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